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The author follows a well known path:. So, if they are cultural, i. But what about Thai critiques as Dr Pavin Chachavalpongpun? Have they been contaminated by foreign non-Thainess while living abroad?

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Unfortunately for Khun Somchai, Bangkok-made history is not necessarily the real history. In poor words, the Bangkok-made history is a simplistic history where all good comes from the Royal Palace and all evils come from abroad. This operation has been already criticized by academics as Thongchai Winichakul Siam Mapped, Ironically for Khun Somchai, the difference between Bangkok and Paris, it seems to me, is that since then Paris left its colonies and France official history condemned colonialism.

Thais often think about the ways Europeans tried to dominate them, but rarely do they recognise that they too have often been guilty of discriminating against others, many of whom think of the Thais as the neighbourhood bully. I have to draw attention to one very important aspect of farang evil ways forgotten in the essay. Certainly, farang regard themselves as superior to other races.

One hidden means to maintain a grip not only on the people and their resources, but even more so over their thinking, is to lure the poor natives to come into their schools and universities for intensified brain-washing. The poor victims come home like zombies, completely alienated. They lost their moral virtues and are unable to continue with a decent Thai life. How successful they are in this is that the victims even pay these universities that insult their home-cultures, values, norms and beliefs a considerable amount of money!

The Thai have to become aware again about their own cultural roots and strength and focus on what is important for them, not on farang materialism, moral decadence etc. Instead of going to foreign schools and universities like ANU it would be far better to go into the monasteries, temple schools and learn about what really counts for a successful life! Of course — many colonial powers committed terrible acts in the past, as did the thai government and even the royalty, but thats all it should be, history and we should learn from it, instead of let it direct our opinions in bitter resentment like an old family feud.

I think the racial aspect is being twisted. Same as saying all Thais do the same thing — this might be closer to fact but is still untrue. However, Thais have been inculcated with the idea — and have been conditioned to adopt a national pastime of enshrining one another with it — that they are superior and unique; further, that they possess the same properties imbued in the parental regime — that is, they are near-perfect, unique and above criticism.

Why else park on both sides of a narrow road and block off a full lane of traffic? Why else are they afraid of speaking to one another directly lest violence break out over a relatively simple act of disregard for the rest of society? Why else must they make laws prohibiting criticism, and compound that by not providing protection to anyone from police and court action should they rightly feel they have a legitimate right to speak?

The current system is made for control, not decency. It is maintained for separation, not for homogeneity. It is protected so it does not change, not to protect anyone other than those who stand above the rest. Xenophobia is not the sole right of foreigners…or natives. Over the long term, conformity and retention of ancient ways is what is being pitted against progressive thinking and the prohibited-in-Thailand and by Thai law around the earth! Some day we will not easily find artisans who compare with those of today. At the moment, though, they are being preserved by archaic anti-democratic forces that want to preserve one thing above all else — their own power.

That they have woven that power through a sacred fabric is a grievous fault and grievously will be people of Thailand keep answering for it. In Malaysia, the same narrative is provided by the ruling party UMNO Muslims against anyone who demands for the rule of law or human rights and freedom. NM has been paid a great compliment to be compared with Darwin.

Now for a Farang criticism of Thailand. More than 60 years ago a pleasant and promising young man, well educated in Switzerland was invited to take the throne of Thailand. After 60 years of grovelling and corruption from upper-class Thais, he now heads an institution whose political party is repeatedly rejected at elections by the majority of Thais. The institution retains its political power by using brute military force against its own people, and by imprisoning those who dare to speak of liberating their country from its clutches.

Certainly a lot of Thais worship farangs and the ground they walk on. These Thais feel excessively proud when farangs are brought in as their advisers—the attitude they would not entertain toward Cambodians, Laotians, Malays, or Burmans. Races have ideas? Nations have ideas? All Farang agree and have the same idea? Enough said. Every sentence raises dozens of questions. This lack of logic and proper definition of terms can only elicit emotional responses.

But i guess New Mandala does deserve criticism for focusing all the time on the one issue that will get maximal emotional reactions. There are so many areas that lack transparency and critical scrutiny in Thailand. The police, the military, agricultural policy, none of these topics get enough critical attention. You could devote a whole blog to these untransparent areas and you might actually initiate concrete reforms that would do a lot of people good , instead of the one topic that could reduce Thailand to a pile of rubble. As for the Farang vs.

Thai distinction, it only exists because there are laws that effectively prevent a Farang from becoming Thai. A Thai can certainly become a cultural or intellectual Farang or be born a Farang in this sense of the term. How can you compare them? In this mass of inchoate verbage there is an emergent hypothesis. Something like, if you are born in Thailand then you are going to be limited in your intellectual advancement.

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Refining the hypothesis further: if you are born in Thailand without enough money to study abroad at a place like ANU then you are going to be limited in your intellectual advancement. Further refinement, if you are born in Thailand without enough money to pay bribes to school officials to get your kid into a good school to get the preparation he or she needs to get into a top flight university like Chula in Thailand, then you are going to be limited in your intellectual advancement. Going further: if your parents are migrant labourers from Isan in Bangkok, can you get your kids educated for free in even the most basic Bangkok schools?

The answer is no from the cases that I am familiar with. These are serious questions that can be given firm measurable answers and could be a springboard for reform. Real issues about poverty, reform and development. Real double standards. The issues you should be talking about in New Mandala, not bogus strawman issues like attacking the very foundations of the Thai state or fighting double standards applied to the billionaire Thaksin. It would be interesting to uncover the very real underlying psychological state of which this writing is only an outward manifestation or symptom but I doubt if it is uniquely Thai.

I wonder…what venues does a military chief of staff use in a democratic society to support political candidates? Besides, who is that father and mother the author is talking about anyway? I have only one father and one mother, and FYI, I openly criticise what they do whenever they did something which I think is not suitable, and they listen to me. They know that my criticism is made for a good purpose.

I believe that to love is to be honest, to tell the person you love of both the things they want to hear and the things they do not want to hear. You praise them to make them feel proud of their achievements, but you must also criticise them because nobody is perfect. A society which forbids criticism is nothing but an insincere society where people refuse to acknowledge the problems around them.

The problems will not go away if one does not rectify it. It will remain, and it will continue to surmount. And one day the whole thing will burst all at once, and there may be serious consequences. Why Thais are unique. Thais herein defined as Thais who make decisions for others. I was emailed this a while ago and am not sure whether everyone agrees with all, some or none of it… 1. They are unique because they cling to the uniqueness mantra. They are unique because they depart from minimal standards of human rights protections. They are unique because they practice loyalty by force.

They are unique because the prohibit self-determination. They are unique because they snub their noses at common sense. They are unique because they do not accept the reality of consequences of their dogmas and desires. They are unique because so far they have been insulated from the consequences of their wayward ways. They are unique because their history is something that has not been honestly admitted to by them, or openly taught.

They are unique because they pretend the rose has no thorn, that questions never need be asked or answered. They are unique because they know and you do not. In all of this, uniqueness is but an illusion. This kind of uniqueness is so repetitious throughout history that it is childish to claim it. That was the email. Or just Asians? Or only farangs?

New Mandala: cowardly, stupid and lacking in wisdom

Or the convenience of indifference and disinterest, often masquerading as kreng jai or fettered by the chains of modern day feudalism. Also, I thought Darwin was an abolitionist? Good one, Johninbkk 27! Compare the saintly Darwin with the Thai royalists. The reason why the royalists think that way is clear. Many Thais, perhaps the majority, divide the world into two groups — Thai and non-Thai. Interestingly nearly everything that Thais regard as most precious come from the non-Thai group.

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The authors are not really to blame — the formulation of independent and objective ideas is beyond their capability. I read an interesting restatement of the Four Noble Truths just now:.

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  4. People suffer because they are attached to illusions and impermanent materiality — their minds are filled with fears of loss. Mass media are in the business of supplying illusions and feeding fears for the profit of the owners and sponsors of that media. We have it in our power to question our indoctrination, to seek independent sources of information, to educate ourselves about political reality, and to stop consuming degrading, insulting and purely exploitative programming — we can make up our own minds.

    There is a way of disciplined thought and ethical action that allows us to realize a personally meaningful life. The key is to be aware of what is manipulative propaganda, and what is factual. It is essential to develop critical thinking, and character — both of these require a continuing personal effort. This is possible if one is motivated. The reward is a life without fear, and with a bulletproof self-respect. John Francis Lee 30, your recommendation is a good process.

    New Mandala: cowardly, stupid and lacking in wisdom

    It does take some big hit for a Thai to lose faith in the Royals and start asking questions and view things objectively. This is why they have lost faith in the Royals and start asking questions and analyse everything objectively. The day where they would open their eyes and start asking what is the reality is yet to come. It went on to suggest that if North Korea wants to make progress politically, socially and economically, there will need to be a dramatic change in the way things are done there. The third in a series of popular coloring books, this volume features 22 new mandala designs by therapist Monique Mandali.

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    Monique Mandali, Now, with The Mandala Coloring Book, you can use these sacred circles to help you find tranquility and balance in your life. Jim Gogarty, This book also includes customizable blank mandalas to further your meditation and guide you even deeper into tranquility. This beautiful volume is a must-have for anyone looking to live a more balanced life. Michal Beaucaire, This book is printed individually on uncoated non-glossy paper with the best quality printers available. Katie Pasquini, Katie Pasquini Masopust, At first glance, French Canadian artist Rosalie Maheux's artwork displayed in the lobby of a government office building in Toronto resembles a Steamboat briefs: Steamboat Springs Airport projects begin in August.

    This mandala making workshop for adults will have Part fiction, part fantasy novel, John's latest release follows in the footsteps of his first book, The New Mandala — Eastern Wisdom for Western The monks of Gaden Shartse Monastery are visiting Carbondale for nine days and will build a sand mandala at the Third Street Center, as part One evening, she took us on a silent walk to a cliff edge to see the sunset; another morning, she asked us to create a mandala a cloth drawn The group from India was in Eureka Springs last week to build a sand mandala , which is a traditional work of art made of millions of grains of Reevely: Sexually explicit mandala at Queen's Park offends Hindus ….

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    The monks will build a magnificent work of art out of colored sand, placing it one grain at a time into a large geometric pattern called a mandala. At the end of the school year, the fifth graders unveiled their Community Mandala. One of the final projects of the school year for the 5th grade Mandala [online]. English words that begin with m.

    English words that begin with ma.