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Unlike most of the texts at this website, the Rexroth works are all copyrighted. As indicated after each text, they are reproduced here either by permission of New Directions Publishing Corp. They may not be reproduced for any commercial purpose, and even any extensive noncommercial reproduction should first be okayed with New Directions, Copper Canyon, or Mr. The work on it is a labor of love and the choice of texts is completely my own.

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Birney founded the Canadian League of Poets, realizing his dream of a guild for writers. Woodcock, late in life, created an emergency fund to help Canadian writers in need.

Kenneth Rexroth Books - Biography and List of Works - Author of ' Poems From the Chinese'

Their generous nurturing of new and neglected writers requires tribute. I will conclude with three, by Canadian poets William. Social responsibility. Due to him.

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New Directions took me on in the beginning. I owe him a lot.

Kenneth Rexroth Archive

His faith in my work influenced the course of my life. Gene Feldman, Max Gartenberg. Secaucus, N. Birney, Earle.

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Last Makings. Al Purdy. Brady, Mildred Edie.

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The Broadview Anthology of Poetry. Herbert Rosengarten, Amanda Goldrick- Jones. Peterborough, Ont.

  • The Collected Shorter Poems of Kenneth Rexroth.
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Furioso II, Fall , 5. Gibson, Morgan.

Kenneth Rexroth

Hamden, CT: Archon Books, Ginsberg, Allen. Howl and Other Poem s. William Carlos Williams. Hamalian, Linda.

Kenneth Rexroth, A life. New York, London: W. Knabb, Ken. The Relevance of Rexroth. Berkeley: Bureau of Public Secrets, Laughlin, James. Selected Poems , ed.

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Nancy J. Low, Wailan. Here he deftly adopts Ezra Pound's ''ideogrammic method,'' producing verse that is deceptively accessible but operates on many levels at the same time. The key is a directness of observation, which roots Rexroth's writing in the particularity of the physical world. Rexroth, after all, is primarily a contemplative poet, his subjects the immutability of the universe, the transcendence of nature and erotic love and the fleeting quality of life. It is the night before Good Friday, and as dawn breaks and his wife stirs, Rexroth catches a glimpse of reconciliation, in which past and future, love and redemption, somehow merge:.

That sense of time's ephemerality is one Rexroth shares with the Chinese poets he admired, and it becomes increasingly pronounced in his work. What makes him quintessentially American, however, is his engagement, the political and social outrage that emerges in his poems. This might seem contradictory, but the closer we look, the more we see that here, politics and contemplation are inextricably related. In the end, of course, such a statement carries its own authority, suggesting a contemplative vision that is philosophical and practical all at once.

Yes, Rexroth means to tell us, in choosing to live we assert our autonomy, but what's just as true is that living is the only choice we have. This conundrum, as Rexroth's poems vividly remind us, is both the blessing and the curse of humanity, to exist between free will and history.