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I was reading an older post in an emulator forum where someone was asking for a Playstation 1 PSX emulator written in C , and the replies went on and on about how C and. NET are not suited for emulation, C is far too slow, negativity, blah blah.

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Of course, that's silly. This project is very early days, as the author points out, but I was able to Git Clone and directly open the code in Visual Studio Community which is free and run it immediately. I named the BIN file "somegame. Just to make sure there's no confusion, and to support the author I want to repeat this question and answer here:. There are a lot of other more capable emulators out there. This is a work in progress personal project with the aim to learn about emulators and hardware implementation.

It can and will break during emulation as there are a lot of unimplemented hardware features. Some later i did Nintendo Gameboy. I wanted to keep forward to do some 3D so i ended with the PSX as it had a good library of games Very cool stuff! Reading emulator code is a great way to not only learn about a specific language but also to learn 'the full stack.

An emulator has to lie at every step so that when an instruction is reached it can make everyone involved truly believe they are really running on a Playstation. If it does its job, no one suspects! That's why it's so interesting. It's important to support emulation development and sites like archive.

NOTE: It's also worth pointing out that it took me about 15 minutes to port this from. NET Framework 4. NET Core 3. More on this, perhaps, in another post. I'll also do a benchmark and see if it's faster. Get it today About Scott Scott Hanselman is a former professor, former Chief Architect in finance, now speaker, consultant, father, diabetic, and Microsoft employee. I'm pretty happy with Windows 10 as my primary development box.

It can do most anything I want, run a half-dozen Linuxes , and has a shiny new open source Terminal , and has great support for Docker now. The Mac and Linux instructions usually say something like "plug it in and party on" but folks like myself with Windows have to set up a WinUSB Driver libusb-win32 or libusbK as dfu-util uses those libraries to speak to USB devices. If you plug in a device, the vast majority of Windows users want the device to 'just work.

I, however, as an aristocrat, sometimes want to do low-level stuff and flash an OS on a Microcontroller. Per their docs:. It can be especially useful for cases where: you want to access a device using a libusb-based application you want to upgrade a generic USB driver you want to access a device using WinUSB If you follow the instructions when flashing a device and don't have the right USB driver installed you'll likely get an error like this:. That's not a lot to go on. The issue is that the default "inbox" driver that Windows uses for devices like this isn't set up for Generic USB access with libraries like "libusb.

Manage references in a project

In my case the device was listened under STM32 Bootloader. Be aware that you can mess up your system if you select something like your WebCam instead of the hardware device you mean to select. Here's the result. Now I can run dfu-util --list again. Note the before and after in the screenshot below. I run dfu-util --list and it finds nothing.

I replace the bootloader with the generic WinUSB driver and run dfu-util again and it finds the devices. I'd love to see this extra step in Windows removed, but for now, I hope this write up makes it clearer and helps the lone Googler who finds this post. Get it today.

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It's early days preview but there's now a Terminal integrated into Visual Studio! Taking a nod from the plugin , the Terminal is now build in as an experimental feature using features from the NEW open source Windows Terminal.

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Rather than build everything from scratch, the Visual Studio terminal shares most of its core with the Windows Terminal! You can set up Profiles but you can't use them yet as the default is the only one used. Here you can see me running Ubuntu inside of VS Grab the Preview of Built on top of Xamarin and WebAssembly! Check out the Uno Platform tutorial! This first preview includes two utilities:.

Many years ago there was PowerToys for Windows 95 and frankly, it's overdue that we have them for Windows 10 — and bonus points for being open source! Blog | Core updates in .NET Core Preview 3

Install Visual Studio Code. Install the latest C for Visual Studio Code extension. Select Yes. If using a Blazor WebAssembly app, execute dotnet run from the app's project folder. On the Counter page, select the Click me button to increment the counter without a page refresh. Incrementing a counter in a webpage normally requires writing JavaScript, but Razor components provide a better approach using C. Components render into an in-memory representation of the render tree that can then be used to update the UI in a flexible and efficient way.

The runtime compares the new content to the previous content and only applies the changed content to the Document Object Model DOM. Add a component to another component using HTML syntax. Component parameters are specified using attributes or child content , which allow you to set properties on the child component.

To add a parameter to the Counter component, update the component's code block:.

Visual Studio 2019 Launch: Unifying Windows desktop development with .NET Core 3.0

Run the app. The Index component has its own counter that increments by ten each time the Click me button is selected. The Counter component Counter. Build your first Blazor app. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light.

Distributing the library in a NuGet package

High contrast. Profile Sign out.

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