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The Minutes of the very first meeting of the Round Table can be accessed here. By it was felt that the Roundtable needed to become more proactive in shaping policy in the audiovisual archival field, to include lobbying for greater preservation efforts worldwide. During that period, some of the CCAAA member-associations discontinued their membership for a few years.

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The Joint Technical Symposia continued, with new conferences held in Toronto , , Oslo , and Singapore planned for It has also launched an "Archives at Risk" initiative to aid endangered archives, and taken positions on subjects as disparate as the impact of copyright on preservation and access and the repatriation of audiovisual heritage items to originating countries.

Since the CCAAA is an "association of associations," its Board membership generally consists of the President and secretary general, or any other person officially mandated by each of its member organizations to represent it. The Chair of the Board rotates among the members, and there is also a Secretary General and a treasurer. All positions are filled by volunteers and there is no paid staff.

This introduction is partly based on Benedict S. The Co-ordinating Council of Audiovisual Archives Associations CCAAA is a global network of eight international nongovernmental organizations dealing with all aspects of audiovisual archiving on a professional level.

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Who We Are. List Of Current Members. Peter Stockinger Editor.

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Today, audiovisual archives and libraries have become very popular especially in the field of collecting, preserving and transmitting cultural heritage. However, the data from these archives or libraries — videos, images, sound tracks, etc. They have to undergo more or less significant qualitative transformations in order to become user- or community-relevant intellectual goods.


These qualitative transformations are performed through a series of concrete operations such as: audiovisual text segmentation, content description and indexing, pragmatic profiling, translation, etc. These and other operations constitute what we call the semiotic turn in dealing with digital audiovisual texts, corpora of texts or even entire audiovisual archives and libraries. They demonstrate practically and theoretically the well-known "from data to meta-data" or "from simple information to relevant knowledge" problem — a problem that obviously directly influences the effective use, the social impact and relevancy and therefore also the future of digital knowledge archives.

Chapter 1.

Introduction to Audiovisual Archives by Peter Stockinger (2012, Hardcover)

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Chapter Undetected location. NO YES. Introduction to Audiovisual Archives. Selected type: Hardcover. Added to Your Shopping Cart. View on Wiley Online Library. This is a dummy description. The ARA program — a brief historical overview 1 1. The scientific and cultural heritage of the ARA program 4 1.

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The working process 8 1. Knowledge engineering in the service of the ARA program 14 1. The digital environment and the working process 21 1. Introduction 33 2. Segmentation of audiovisual corpora — a general presentation 34 2. Appropriation of the segmentation workshop 42 2.

Some additional thoughts about segmentation 46 2. Perspectives relating to the segmentation workshop 46 Chapter 3.

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