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Journal of Early Adolescence 14 3 Jones G. More than just a game: Research developments and issues in competitive anxiety in sport. British Journal of Psychology 86 4 Littlewood M. The impact of foreign player acquisition on the development and progression of young players in elite level English professional football. Mullen C. Maguire J. The impact of elite labour migration on the identification selection and development of European soccer players.

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Journal of Sports Sciences 18 Marcia J. Identity in Adolescence. Adelson Ed. Handbook of Adolescent Psychology pp.

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The Research That Changed Soccer: How Controversial VAR Joined The Beautiful Game

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The Research That Changed Soccer: How Controversial VAR Joined The Beautiful Game

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Studies and Research LII Andersen Eds. Critical Essays in Applied Sport Psychology.

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  • Technical Skills According to Playing Position of Male and Female Soccer Players.

Human Kinetics. Parker A. Great Expectations: Grimness or Glamour? The Football Apprentice in the s. The Sports Historian 15 Pummell B. Harwood C. Jumping to the next level: A qualitative examination of withincareer transitions in adolescent event riders. Relvas H. Gilbourne D.

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Organisational structures and working practices in elite European professional football clubs: Understanding the relationship between youth and professional domains. European Sport Management Quarterly 10 2 Richardson D. Developing support mechanisms for elite young players in a professional soccer academy. European Sport Management Quarterly 4 Homegrown or Home Nationals? Some Considerations on the Local Training Debate.

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An examination of the migratory transition of elite young European soccer players to the English Premier League. Journal of Sports Sciences. Sparkes A. Athletic identity: An Achilles heel to the survival of self. Qualitative Health Research 8 The Premier League Elite Player Performance Plan May Premier League London. Valle R.

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King M. Existential-phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology. London: Plenum Press. Niehaus, Andrew H. Hunter, Michelle D. Skill not athleticism predicts individual variation in match performance of soccer players. ScienceDaily, 29 November University of Queensland. Soccer success is all about skill. Retrieved September 25, from www. The results demonstrate the impact negative Below are relevant articles that may interest you. ScienceDaily shares links with scholarly publications in the TrendMD network and earns revenue from third-party advertisers, where indicated. On the Keto Diet?

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