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Over feasts and family dinners, walking in the dark before sunrise to harvest wild lettuces, preparing meals and exchanging recipes, the two women joust, joke, exchange confidences, and grow closer and closer until finally Antonia reveals the terrible secrets behind the vivid beauty of Il Castelleto. Evocative, powerful, and haunting, this is a compelling insight into Italy's recent past and a revealing glimpse into one extraordinary woman's story and her kitchen.

Book Review: Antonia and her Daughters by Marlena De Blasi

This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. Charlotte Gober Czekala. Charlotte has lived over seventy years with many interests. She was encouraged by her father to work hard and persevere, then was told, You can do anything you want. This was in the s when it was not acceptable for girls to be strong and athletic.

However, through sports, she learned a discipline that would open many doors and make her successful in a variety of areas: basketball, swimming, softball, bowling, tennis, building houses, serving on the governors advisory board, founding a drug treatment center for teenagers, bringing Nar-Anon east of the Mississippi River, homeschooling grandchildren, and teaching swimming and tennis.

She had many life is good days but went through rough times with two sons addicted to drugs and out of control. Because her father gave her the confidence to be able to overcome anything, she worked hard and persevered. In spite of this confidence, she could not defeat this major problem in her life.

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Come and see how she overcame the challenges she faced, not in her own strength, but through her heavenly Fathers. He restored the years the locust had eaten, and she went on to fulfill her lifelong goal. The strength did not come from herself. She couldnt, but God could get her through all things through Christ who strengthened her. Journeys: Tripping Through Life. Phyllis Karsnia. Author Phyllis Karsnia was bitten by the travel bug when a friend coaxed her to go on a trip to the Caribbean.

That vacation was the first of many journeys.

Antonia and Her Daughters by Marlena de Blasi - Book - Read Online

She explored the beauty, fun, and wonder of different countries and their cultures, histories, and people. Beginning with her initial trip to the Caribbean, Karsnia shares fascinating details and amusing stories that provide a glimpse into what it was like for a novice traveler as she stepped outside her comfort zone and embraced the world through travel. Peters Square, visited Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal, prayed in a Buddhist Temple, and joined a parade during Norways celebration of Syttende Mai, she gathered memories, celebrated differences, and learned meaningful lessons.

Journeys is a collection of travelogues highlighting the authors unforgettable experiences as she toured around the world. She punctuates her adventures with humorous stories about everyday events and retreats with sisters who love each other and love to play pranks. On a serious note, Karsnia also joins the re-opened discussions about equality in the workplace and working mothers. Nikki Lovell.

Aged eighteen, Nikki Lovell was a typical Adelaide schoolgirl, finishing her exams and planning to study journalism at university. She had a boyfriend whom she loved; she had done well at school; her future looked bright. But first she planned to take a gap year and volunteer at a school in the small Ugandan village of Namwendwa. Little did Nikki know that decision would change her.

Antonia and Her Daughters

We Are One Village is the story of how Nikki became a part of the Namwendwa community, of how their needs and her capacity to empower them changed the direction of her life. But it's also the story of how one teenage girl dealt with the loneliness of living in a foreign land, the heartache of a relationship ending, the torment of being torn between your parental home and your spiritual home, and ultimately learning to follow your heart and your dreams. For someone so young, Nikki has a wealth of passion and experience to share with us all.

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We Are One Village is by turns captivating and inspirational. Similar ebooks. I wander over to Filippa as she works through a small mountain of artichokes, trimming the leaves, scraping the dead chokes-barely formed on these beauties-and peeling the nearly foot-long stems. Into each here she presses mint leaves, crushed unpeeled cloves of garlic, thin slices of lemon, piles them into a huge copper bacinella , pours in white wine, water, oil, heaves in more mint, sea salt, covers the pot and turns up the flame.

A wheel of young, still creamy pecorino sits on a marble near a glass bowl of caramelised peaches and another of fresh ones, some still on their leafed branches. A tavola, tutti a tavola , invites Antonia, though she still stands- a hand folded on her hip-in front of her place at the head of the table.

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From the speckled green jugs of wine passed about, everyone pours for someone else. Alla nostra. To us.

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Giorgia arrives with a copper tray, the sausages, charred and crackling from the fire and laid on a bed of wild rosemary branches. A stack of shallow soup plates before her, she takes one, places as artichoke in it, spoons on some of the lemony, winey broth from the pot, pours thick green oil over it from a two-litre anfora, passes it down the table.

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